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Partners in Evangelism International

Do you want to be actively involved in furthering God’s Kingdom around the world but don’t feel called to move overseas? Partners in Evangelism International (PIEI) has a unique approach to help you fulfill this desire or calling while furthering God’s kingdom around the globe. Read below to learn more. 

History and Vision of Partners in Evangelism International

PIEI was started by Gene Brush back in 1985. He served as the president for many years, but is now the vice president because he gladly surrendered his role to a national worker named Cornel Stef. 

Their ultimate aim is to see God’s Kingdom thrive in every corner of the earth and see Matthew 24:14 fulfilled. They do this by finding national, indigenous missionaries and connecting them with American churches who can support them through prayer, finances, encouragement, and training. 

What Does PIEI Do?

National workers are effective at reaching their own people, but they don’t always have the necessary resources. The American church has been blessed with abundant resources both financially and in terms of training, but they aren’t always effective at reaching those from another culture. PIEI is able to serve as a bridge between the two, connecting real needs with people who can meet those needs. This strategy has resulted in PIEI seeing much fruit.

They have connected more than 100 American churches with over 70 national missionaries to help meet their needs and further the work. The national workers have a broad range of types of ministries. Some include working with orphans, summer camps, youth centers, church planting, evangelism, training pastors, women’s ministry, and more. 

PIEI also sends short-term missions teams to help and work alongside the long-term national missionaries. These short-term teams arrive with the primary purpose of serving the long-term missionary and helping with any projects or outreach efforts. They can also provide training to local pastors and missionaries. 

What Distinguishes Partners in Evangelism International?

PIEI is all about completing the task of world evangelization, and they believe that is best accomplished through partnership. They don’t send their own missionaries but work with existing indigineous missionaries. And they meet a real need by finding people and churches who want to be part of reaching the lost but aren’t able or don’t feel called to go overseas. They aren’t sending more western missionaries, and it’s more than people just sending in money to a missionary. There is a real partnership. 

Where Does PIEI Work?

Partners in Evangelism International is currently located in 12 countries. They are: the Congo, Guyana, Hungary, India, Kenya, Mali, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Spain, Uganda, and Ukraine. In several of these countries, they support multiple ministries, depending on the needs of the people. And many of these places are considered difficult to reach. They are open to expanding to more countries as the Lord leads!

Ways to Pray for PIEI

Partners in Evangelism International would be incredibly grateful for your prayers. Here are a few ways you can be praying for them specifically:

  • Pray for more American churches to have a heart and the willingness to support more national missionaries.
  • Pray for the indigineous workers in these 12 countries - that they would feel encouraged, equipped, and empowered to accomplish the work the Lord has called them to do.
  • Pray for the Lord to raise up highly-qualified people to join the short-term teams to help the long-term teams. 
  • Pray for the wisdom for the leaders as they direct the ministry and decide who to support and solve any issues that may come up.

Good Neighbor Insurance loves the work Partners in Evangelism International is doing. We provide health insurance to protect their workers so they can perform their important ministries. If you are interested in learning more about the organization or how you can get involved, visit their website (


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