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Helpful Missionary Resources

We offer the following missionary resources for you:

FundraisingA list of books and organizations to help get you fully funded

Security Training - Training to make sure you and your team are prepared in the case of unforeseen circumstances 

Travel Visa ServicesResources to assist with finding proper visas depending on your destination

Travel AgenciesTravel agents who are used to working with missionaries and may provide more affordable rates

Tax, Technology & ShippingTax experts who are knowledgeable about missionary's situations and other support services

All Services – AfricaMissionary support for those serving in Africa

Member careCounseling and other helpful resources to care for you and your missionaries in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and around the world

Retreat CentersA list of places you can use to get away either by yourself or with your team

Health blogs/resourcesSome helpful resources to keep you healthy as a missionary

FurloughInformation about housing and vehicle rental for missionaries on furlough/sabbatical

Language Learning - Tips for learning languages and programs to help you get a jump start on languages

Finance - Financial advisors and other resources to help you be a good steward of the money entrusted to you

Mission Organizations - Agencies who send missionaries around the world. Find your opportunity today!


Fundraising Organizations:

Continue To Give - Provides technology that supports missionaries and mission organizations as they pursue their mission.

Echo Your Story - Provides fundraising solutions to missionaries, churches and nonprofits.

Mission Quest - A 501(c)(3) missionary service agency that processes donations and handles fundraising logistics.

Support Raising Solutions - Flooding the nations with spiritually healthy, vision-driven, fully funded, Great Commission workers.

Tailored Fundraising - Coaching for missionaries raising financial support


Support Raising Books:

What Your Donors Want … And Why!

Author: Tom Ahren

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Fundraising Communications

Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications & Stronger Relationships

Author: Tom Ahren

A guide to getting new donors―and keeping them―for many years to come

Donor-Centered Fundraising

Author: Penelope Burk

Explains why donors stop giving to charities they once supported, and what it will take to preserve their loyalty in the future

The God Ask

Author: Steve Shadrach

A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising

Friend Raising

Author: Betty Barnett

Building a Missionary Support Team that Lasts

Funding Your Ministry

Author: Scott Morton

An In-depth, Biblical Guide for Successfully Raising Personal Support

People Raising

Author: William P Dillon

A Practical Guide to Raising Support

Viewpoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising

Author: Steve Shadrach

66 chapters full of biblical and practical advice and resources

Security Training

ABWE International - Offers a personal security training class designed to equip workers for security risk and ensure safety on the mission field.

Concilium - Provides training, threat analysis, security/crisis management and member care.

Crisis Consulting International - Performs risk assessments and site security surveys, develops policies and contingency plans, conducts training and manages security events.

First Rock Provides operational assistance, hostile environment training, security surveys and crisis management.

Fort Sherman Academy - Provides security training, risk management workshops and 24/7 emergency assistance.

Travel Agencies

Christian Missionary Resource - Travel services for people engaged in overseas missions or cross-cultural ministry

Fellowship Travel International - Offers non-profit travelers quality service at a great value

InterMissions World Travel - Specializes in overseas travel and highly-reduced rates for missionaries, churches, medical team and non-profit organizations

Key Travel - Specializes in simplifying travel complexity for the humanitarian, faith and education sectors

MTS Travel - North American leader in church, mission, relief and development travel

World Missions Travel - Provides travel solutions for church, religious, missionary, humanitarian, relief and non-profit needs

Mission Travel - Full-service Christian-owned & operated missionary travel agency

Golden Rule Travel - Travel agency specializing in international adoption, humanitarian, and missionary travel

Tax, Tech & Shipping Services

Christian Missionary Resource - Tax consulting, computer and shipping services for people engaged in overseas missions or cross-cultural ministry

Missionary Taxes - Specializes in taxes for overseas missionaries

Missionary Tax and Consulting Services - A tent-making ministry of missionaries who prepare taxes for missionaries

Church Accounting and Free Financial Resources - Free financial and accounting resources for nonprofits

Hawkins Accounting - Specialize in clergy and missionary taxes

Healing Hands International - Ships internationally for missionaries, organizations and churches

Straightway - International shipping services company that has served missionaries for over 25 years

Taxes for Expats - Has prepared tax returns for expatriates for over 25 years

All Services - Africa

Africa Based Support - Provides essential support services to enhance the ministries of missionaries in Africa

Member Care

Care Services - U.S.:

Advance Global Coaching - Professional coaching for missionaries throughout the world.

Aphesis Group - Helps missionaries sort through their inner lives, reconnect with spouses and work through issues.

Barnabas International - Cares for global workers through going, speaking, listening and giving. Offers counseling, debriefings, retreats and more.

Catalyst International - Provides encouragement, training and resources to people working in cross-cultural environments.

Crossroads Mission Care - Serving missionaries through connecting, resourcing and coaching

From MIssion to Mission - Counseling services for preparation, transition and re-entry, including retreats and workshops.

Godspeed Resources - Serves Christian global workers with licensed/credentialed care services

Healing Care Ministries - Offers counseling, formation and training to missionaries and other church leaders for over 20 years.

Heartstream Resources - Serves global workers with whole person healing, restoration to service and promoting healthy living.

Intermissionary - Helps missionaries and global aid workers reenter their fome countries well.

International Health Management (Missionary Health Institute)

Offers pre-departure health assessments, overseas health guidance and re-entry debriefing for missionaries and families.

Link Care Center - Offers a multidisciplinary counseling staff to missionaries.

Minnesota Renewal Center - Facilitates healing and renewal through professional counseling, assessment, consultation and training.

Missionary Care - Retired Christian teachers who voluntarily provide member care and resources to missionaries.

Missionary Resource Network - Multiplies healthy leaders to disciple the unreached and underserved people groups of the world.

Oaks CounselingOffers counseling, debriefing and field conferences to missionaries and mission organizations.

Paraclete Mission Group - Comes alongside mission agencies involved in expanding the Kingdom of God around the world.

Peter’s Wife - Brings health and healing to God’s people, families, churches and leaders.

The Rest Initiative - Member care and support organization. Uses coaching, assessments, debriefing and equipping.

Thrive - Provide expertise and set excellent standards for care for global women.

Walking in Their Shoes - Offers counseling, conflict resolution, workshops and retreats for missionaries.

Zion Project - Counseling, coaching and encouragement for missionaries. Founded by Sara Hartz.



Care Services - Worldwide:

ABWE International - Provides pastoral care, debriefing, coaching and training to missionaries and their families.

Care Services - Africa:

Member Care Southern Africa - Provides assessment, training, on-field and re-entry care to missionaries.

Mobile Member Care Team - Provides training, consultation, counseling and crisis response for missionaries in the field.

Tumaini Counseling Center -Serves missionaries from over 160 agencies from all over Africa 

Care Services - Asia:

Bethany, Hong Kong - Retreat center that offers pastoral care, member care and other services.

Cornerstone Counseling Foundation - Online and in-person counseling to people local to Thailand and around the world.

Doane Rest - Restful retreat center in the Philippines. Donation requested. 

Field Life -Offers retreats, getaways and coaching to missionaries using licensed counselors, therapists and life coaches.

Living Well - Nonprofit providing training, assessment and counseling to mission workers in Cambodia.

Rodem Missionary Care - Provides counseling, training, debriefing, re-entry and other care services.

The Juniper Tree - Chiang Mai and Dolphin Bay, Thailand. Provides meals and laundry service. Pay to stay. 

The Well International - Provides clinical counseling, soul care, training and events.

Trauma Healing Thailand -  Brings healing and wholeness by providing training, resources, and support to help lay people respond to trauma

Care Services - Europe:

ARREST - Offers assessments, debriefing, retreats, training, therapy and other services to missionaries.

Barnabas ZentrumOffers counseling, consulting, training and retreats for missionaries.

Brook Besor - Offers counseling, debriefing, training and pastoral care to missionaries.

HealthLink360 - Provides medical, psychological and counseling services to missionary families.

Le Chateau de Saint Albain - Large, fully-equipped retreat center in France. A ministry of Encompass World Partners. 

Le Rucher MinistriesProvides a Biblically-based approach to routine and crisis debriefing for individuals, families or teams.

One Another Ministries - Provides professional training, consulting, counseling and resourcing for the development and care of mission organizations and their members.

Penhurst Retreat Center - Christian retreat center in East Sussex. Pay to stay. Offers individual and group retreats, quiet days and personal debriefing.

Refresh International - Offers debriefing, counseling and equipping services to missionaries.

Sent Well - Provides preventive and responsive care to missionaries, through assessment, counseling, debriefing and coaching.

Watts Your Pathway - Life Coach specializing in transition. Offers coaching and re-entry support.

Care Services - Middle East:

Olive Tree Counseling - Christian counseling center – licensed mental health professionals serving cross-cultural workers in the Middle East.

Retreat Centers - U.S.

A Quiet Place - Central Kentucky. Five-day free sabbatical with self-directed program. Includes meals. Adults only.

Alongside - Southwest Michigan. Christian retreat center offering professional counseling and shared community to help missionaries with burnout or breakdown. Pay for services.

CleftRock Retreat Center - Southeast Kentucky. Cabin retreats, hiking trails, resource center. Two free nights. Food not included.

Christian Hospitality Network - Directory of over 500 Christian-owned and operated lodging all over the world that are discounted for missionaries.

Fairhaven Ministries - East Tennessee Christ-centered 100-acre retreat and counseling center.

Harbor of Refuge - North central Iowa. Safe place to be refreshed. One week free. Children welcome.

Life Impact - USA, Central America, Europe. Oases for missionaries needing to gain strength while processing issues. Pay for lodging.

Marble Retreat - Colorado. Psychotherapy center serving missionaries in crisis since 1974. Pay for services.

Missionary Care Ministry - North Georgia. Guesthouses on 11 acres. Up to one month free. Some meals provided. Single adults and families.

Quiet Place Ministries - Michigan. Rents cottages in quiet settings at no cost. Meals not included. Children welcome.

Sanctuary Inn - Oregon. Retreat center offering debrief/follow-up, community life & healing prayer. Pay for lodging.

Sonscape Retreats - Colorado, New York, Texas. 7-day retreats led by experienced ministry leaders. Pay for services.

Health Blogs/Resources

Christian Medical Fellowship - Unites and equips Christian doctors in the UK

Christian Missionary Resource - Health care resources for people engaged in overseas missions or cross-cultural ministry

Faith and Health Connection - Nonprofit Christian health ministry that strives to achieve whole person health

Faith Fueled Moms - Personal trainer and nutrition specialist who posts daily

Food Faith Fitness - Personal trainer and nutrition coach who posts frequently

Grace Alliance - Cultivates healthy solutions for hearts and minds

Furlough Resources


Missionary Housing Throughout the USA

Provides a list of retreat centers and housing for each state in the U.S.

Siloam Missionary Homes

Missionary housing in North Carolina

Cedar Lane Missionary Homes

Missionary housing in New Jersey

Friends in Action International

Connects missionaries with host families for short stays

Christian Hospitality Network

Network of lodging for missionaries and Christian workers worldwide

Missional Living

Affordable missionary housing and care in Tennessee


Provides housing for Christian missionaries and those in full-time Christian service

Support Ministries International

Missionary housing in California

Valley of Baca

Missionary retreat center in Kentucky


Vehicle Rental:

Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry - Quality vehicles for travel in the U.S. while on furlough or emergency leave

Grace Corporation - Nonprofit corporation that leases vehicles to missionaries while temporarily back in the U.S.

Missionary Ministries - Provides short-term, dependable transportation to missionaries, pastors or Christian workers in time of need

Missionary Tech Team - Vehicle leasing services for missionaries when they come home to the U.S. on furlough

Righteous Rides - Provides affordable cars to international missionaries on home assignment

Language Learning


Duolingo - Free language learning software on your phone or PC

Rosetta Stone - Most popular choice but must pay

Busuu - Learn one of 12 languages through community learning

Learn a Language - Free online learning courses

Mondly - Free tool to learn many languages


2 Expert Tips

5 Time-Saving Tips

Language Support Resources

22 Tips

10 Tips from an Expert

15 Skills

7 Strategies to Learn at Home

Financial Help

Financial Advisors:

Christian Credit Counselors - Nonprofit agency licensed in 34 states, helped 300K people get out of debt over 24 years.

Christian Financial Ministries Financial training, counseling, coaching and mentoring services

Christian MoneyResources from author and talk show host James L. Paris

Crown Financial MinistriesAdvances God’s principles of stewardship and life through education and tools.

Dave RamseyEducation and tools for biblical financial management.

My Money Coach - Free public service provided by the Credit Counseling Society in Canada.

Ron Blue Trust Christian financial advisory services

The Money CoupleResources and coaching to help married couples agree about money

U.S. Financial Literacy/Education Commission - Teaches the basics of personal finances

YNAB - Budgeting software tools.



Finance Blogs/Articles:

Bible Money Matters - A Christian personal finance blog that helps regular people gain control of their money

Christian Finance Blog - Christian’s view of personal finance - advice, discussion topics and more

eChristian Finance - News, articles, tools and other resources regarding biblical financial principles

Gather Little by Little - Personal finance blog with a Christian perspective



Helpful Finance Books:

6 Week Money Challenge

Author: Steve Repak

Step-by-step program for a healthy financial future

A Declaration of Financial Independence                

Author: Josh Gilliam

Biblical perspective of financial decision-making and the secret of contentment

Christian Principles for Managing Money 

Author: James S. Poore II

How to apply Christian principles to money management

Faithful Finance: 10 Secrets to Move from Fearful Insecurity to Confident Control

Author: Emily G. Stroud

Practical guide to replace financial stress with financial freedom

Family Money Matters: How to Run Your Family Finances to God’s Glory

Author: John Temple

Practical advice and tools about debt, purchases, insurance and more

Financial Freedom: How to Manage Your Money Wisely                             

Author: June Hunt

Simple guide about money management with practical tips

Live Your Life for Half the Price

Author: Mary Hunt

Learn to reduce expenses and keep more of your money.

Living Rich for Less       

Author: Ellie Kay

Tips to save money and become financially healthy

Managing God’s Money  

Author: Randy Alcorn

Biblical teaching about handling money and possessions

Master Your Money: A Step-by-Step Plan for Experiencing Financial Contentment

Author: Ron Blue

Applies God’s Word to your financial portfolio to move toward financial freedom

Mind Over Money: How to Live Like a Millionaire on Any Budget          

Author: Timolin R. Langin 

Budgeting advice

Putting Money in its Place          

Author: Doug Britton

Practical, biblical book of financial advice for married couples

Slaying the Debt Dragon      

Author: Cherie Lowe

Learn from one family who eliminated $127K of debt

The New ABC’s of Financial Freedom                                          

Author: Barry L. Cameron

Teaches how to escape the bondage of debt and declare financial independence

The Storehouse Principle: A Revolutionary God Idea for Creating Extraordinary Financial Stability                                           

Author: Van Crouch, Al Jandl

A practical way to revolutionize your walk with God and dispel your fear of financial uncertainty

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness                 

Author: Dave Ramsey

Proven program to achieve financial health

You Can Stay Home with Your Kids! 100 Tips, Tricks, and Ways to Make It Work on a Budget 

Author: Erin Odom

Advice for how to live frugally

Mission Organizations

ABWE International - Sharing the Gospel for over 92 years, supporting over 1,000 missionaries in more than 70 countries around the world. Has planted over 5,000 churches. More than 100 Bible-training programs available.


Action International - An interdenominational missionary-sending organization with workers in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Engages in evangelism, discipleship and economic development.


Africa Inland Mission - For over 120 years, AIM has worked to share the Gospel with over 1,000 people groups (over 3 million people) in Africa who haven’t heard it.


Bethany International - A missionary training and sending organization using Bethany Global University, an accredited missionary university, to train missionaries and provide a 16-month overseas internship.


Christar - Plants churches in the least-reached communities in the world. Provides training and is accredited by Misio Nexus. Offers short term trips and long term assignments.


East West Ministries International - Trains and sends missionaries to spiritually dark areas in nearly 60 countries to evangelize the lost, equip local believers, and multiply disciples and churches.


Ethnos360 - Formerly New Tribes, was founded in 1942. Working to have a thriving church in every people group. Offers long term placement and short term trips.


Frontiers - Sends missionary teams to inspire transformational movements to Christ with unengaged Muslim people groups.


Global Fellowship Makes disciples and plants new churches in the least reached regions of the world by building teams of local evangelists and cross cultural missionaries.


International Mission Board - Works to bring health churches into every nation. Supports short-term, mid-term and long-term workers.


Mission Go - For over 75 years, Mission Go has partnered with missionaries to spread the Gospel around the world. Offers short term trips, internships and full-time ministry positions overseas.


OMF International - Formerly China Inland Mission, founded in 1865. Supports missionaries to more than 100 people groups in East Asia, who plant churches, provide medical care, teach and translate the Bible.


Operation Mobilization - Mobilizes missionaries to bring the Gospel to the unreached people of the world. Invites the local church to partner with churches overseas. Provides both short term and long term opportunities.


Pioneers Trains and equips missionaries to reach unreached people groups with the Gospel in a culturally understandable way. Over 3,000 missionaries in the field. Partners with local churches. 


SEND International - Works to send missionaries through the support of their local church. Helps missionaries enter the field and provides member care in the field.


SIM - Originally Sudan Interior Mission. A century-old catalyst for global mission that brings good news to hard places through over 4,000 workers in 70 countries worldwide.


TEAM - Supports over 500 missionaries in 35 countries. Works to connect churches to missionaries. Offers short, mid and long term trips.


TMS Global - For more than 25 years, TMS Global has trained and supported hundreds of cross-cultural witnesses in nearly 40 countries around the world.


United World Mission - Works to equip leaders, establish churches and engage in holistic ministry by partnering with the church globally.



If you have questions about any of the missionary health insurance plans, please contact Good Neighbor Insurance at 866-636-9100 or contact us by email.


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