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Youth Mission Trips

You're responsible for planning and leading youth mission trips at your church. You’ve experienced firsthand the positive impact a mission trip can have on a teenager, and you’re excited to help other teens share in that experience. Youth mission trips moved you out of your comfort zone and helped you trust God more. The challenges and lack of sleep gave you a moment-by-moment dependence on God that doesn’t happen at home. You learned leadership and time management skills, and how to put the needs of others above your own. Witnessing firsthand people having joy under difficult circumstances brought you a fresh perspective on life.

Select a Mission Partner

In planning your first youth mission trip, you must consider the primary objective of your mission trip and how it fits your church’s strategy for youth ministry. Is the purpose to learn evangelism, expand cultural awareness, develop student leaders or something else? It’s important to select a good mission organization that partners with full-time missionaries so you can understand the needs of the local people. You’ll want a ministry partner that shares your values and prioritizes the protection of the local community. You want to make sure your trip won’t invade existing local systems, take away local jobs or rob people of their dignity. And you certainly don’t want your trip to undo the work of local missionaries or churches.

Choosing a Destination

Your mission partner organization can help you identify some destinations that will help you meet your youth ministry objectives. There are many mission opportunities overseas, in Central and South America, and even within the U.S., that offer a great experience for youth. They can even give advice on good times to travel there, whether summer or a semester or spring break.

Mission Trip Activities

In choosing activities for your mission trip, the possibilities are endless. Youth mission trips have built churches, schools, orphanages and other buildings. They have cleared jungle airstrips and drilled fresh water wells. Some have shared the gospel message using film, drama, music, puppets and clowning. Once your objectives become clear and you understand the needs of the local people, your choice of appropriate activities often falls into place.

Prepare the Students

Now that you’ve identified your trip’s objectives, location and activities, it’s time to prepare your students for the trip. You’ll want to create a plan to train your students in the skills they will be using, in the culture they will be serving and in practical survival skills. You can plan team building activities ahead of the trip to create trust and communication across the team. Most youth mission trips will require a fundraising plan that should be created by the youth themselves.

Prepare the Parents

Parents will want to know who will be leading the trip and the other adults that will participate. They’ll want to understand exactly what the students will be doing, what their accommodations will be like and what communication will be possible during the trip. Parents will be especially concerned about the safety measures being considered both for travel and for the time spent there. They’ll want to know what will happen in the event of an accident or illness, or if evacuation is needed.

Overseas Travel Medical Insurance

The parents of the students preparing for a mission trip to Peru are relieved to hear that their children will be protected in the event of an emergency during the trip. They are relieved to hear that Rachel, who is planning the trip, arranged for each student to have a special travel health insurance policy. This health plan provides proper health care and evacuation services at a reasonable price. The plan comes from Good Neighbor Insurance, who was recommended to Rachel by her mentor.

Why Good Neighbor Insurance

Rachel’s mentor recommended Good Neighbor Insurance because they offer great plans at affordable prices, deliver excellent service, and some of their staff have lived overseas. With Good Neighbor Insurance, the students aren’t just getting an insurance plan, their parents are getting peace of mind with a neighbor on their side at work protecting their children. Now Rachel can focus on leading her mission trip knowing that her students have a comprehensive insurance plan at an affordable price, and that they will receive excellent service. Be like Rachel and gain the assurance of having the best mission trip insurance policy today.

Recommended Plans

IMG Outreach International Short-Term Mission Trip Insurance

Global health insurance coverage at great price for comparable benefits

  • Short-term missionary insurance coverage per day up to 24 months
  • Includes medical insurance, medical evacuation, return of mortal remains, political evacuation, emergency reunion, terrorism coverage, and other benefits
  • If overseas ten months, may purchase two months of home country coverage in the USA
  • Coverage renewable for up to two years. May purchase additional policy after two years.
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GeoBlue Voyager Mission Trip Insurance

The best short-term missionary insurance plan for those with pre-existing conditions or traveling to “hot spots” – for a few days up to six months.

  • Includes medical insurance, medical evacuation, return of mortal remains
  • Injuries and illnesses due to terrorism are covered to the policy limit
  • Must have U.S. domestic insurance or Medicare Part A to be covered on this travel insurance plan
  • Covers pre-existing health conditions
  • If you do not have U.S. insurance, you are eligible for the Voyager Essential which also covers injuries due to terrorism
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Atlas International Short-Term Missionary Travel Insurance

International travel health insurance coverage per day up to 12 months and RENEWABLE

  • Includes medical cover, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, emergency reunion
  • This international travel insurance policy is for vacations, mission trips, cruises, overseas
  • Available for up to one year and then may re-apply
  • No Home Country Coverage
  • Owned by Tokio Marine and reinsurer is Lloyd’s of London
  • Includes AD&D, Personal Liability and Crisis management (Upgradable)
  • For under age 70, coverage for sudden and unexpected onset of pre-existing conditions, is to the policy limit selected (chronic conditions, such as diabetes, not covered)
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