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Preparing for Missionary Service

Maybe you feel called to go share the gospel or help those in need. Your life habits, relationships and financial matters are in order and you have discerned the place where God is leading you. You have completed your training and formed a strong support team of prayer and financial partners. You are finally preparing for missionary service.

Why the Mixed Emotions?

God’s call has been made clear to you and your preparations have gone well so far. So why do you have such mixed emotions about leaving? You’re exciting about this new adventure, yet you’re experiencing a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about it. You may wonder if this is normal or if there is something wrong with you or your plans. You often find yourself trying to visualize your new life overseas, and then start contemplating some of the things that could go wrong.

If you’ve been assigned a missionary mentor, it’s good to discuss your anxieties and concerns with him because he probably experienced them too. In addition to understanding your feelings, a good mentor stresses the importance of thorough preparation and contingency planning.

Preparing for Missionary Service 

Preparation involves completing a checklist of tasks created by experienced missionaries. The checklist includes tasks such as getting your financial affairs in order, working the visa process, arranging living accommodations and travel, and packing the right things. Completing a thorough checklist goes a long way toward relieving the worry that you forgot something important.

Contingency Planning

A contingency plan considers many things that could go wrong while you’re living overseas, and it identifies proactive and reactive measures to reduce risks. These things may include problems with your visa, loss of possessions, accidents or serious illness. Taking proactive measures and having plans in place can relieve anxiety about problems that may occur and bring peace of mind.

A Good Health Plan

David didn’t realize that being a missionary in Kenya would require him to get a new career health insurance policy with evacuation services until his mentor discussed contingency plans with him. He discovered that his new health plan would transport him to a place offering good medical care, evacuate him in case of emergency or pay for a family member to fly there to be with him in the hospital. Knowing that his health plan would take care of him in all of those circumstances relieved David’s anxiety and brought him peace of mind.

David’s mentor recommended Good Neighbor Insurance because they offer great plans at affordable prices, deliver excellent service, and some of their staff have lived overseas. With Good Neighbor Insurance David isn’t just getting an insurance plan, he is getting peace of mind with a neighbor on his side at work protecting him. Even when buying online, dedicated expert insurance agents will track the policy to make sure the customer is getting exactly what they need.

Now David can focus on his ministry knowing that he has a comprehensive insurance plan at an affordable price, and that he will receive excellent service. Be like David and gain the assurance of having the best missionary insurance policy today.

Recommended Plans

IMG GMMI Long-Term Missionary Medical Insurance

Global health insurance coverage at great price for comparable benefits

  • Affordable insurance for single missionaries
  • Deductible on this plan is reduced by 50% for all care received outside the U.S.
  • Allows up to 6 months (per policy year) in the U.S. (great for missionaries on furlough/raising support).
  • Child wellness benefits included on all but Bronze level. Adult Wellness on Gold and above.
  • Medical Evacuation included.
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Azimuth Meridian Health Insurance for Career Missionaries

By Selecting the maternity rider at the start of the policy – Maternity benefits start right away.

  • Deductibles choices – $500; $1,000; $2,500; $5,000; and $10,000 per member per coverage period
  • Coverage area – Area 1 worldwide coverage to include the U.S. and Canada | Area 2 worldwide excluding the U.S. and Canada
  • Pre-existing condition cover – After 24 months of continuous coverage, $10,000 per year lifetime with a $50,000 maximum limit
  • Medical Evacuation – Up to $50,000 ($25,00 for ages 65 and older.)
  • With Maternity Rider, Maternity covered to a maximum of $10,000 for pre-, post-natal care, delivery and newborn care for first 31 days.
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GeoBlue Navigator Health Insurance for Overseas Missionaries

Career and expatriate health insurance plan with permanent coverage in the USA

  • Overseas missionary health insurance, NGO’s, and volunteers
  • Targeted for the more budget conscious client
  • Unlimited coverage
  • When maternity is added, it is “covered as any illness”
  • Primary office co pays, preventative care for children and adults, Mental/Nervous disorders, Repatriation of Remains, Medical Evacuation, and many more benefits.
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