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About Good Missionary Insurance

Service, reliability, affordability, and protection: Serving Individual Missionaries and Mission Teams at Good Missionary Insurance

We created Good Missionary Insurance specifically to serve individual missionaries and mission teams in order to meet their specific insurance needs. Learn more about Good Missionary Insurance below.

Good Missionary Insurance works in collaboration with Good Neighbor Insurance. Good Neighbor Insurance has been protecting missionaries and mission groups around the globe for over 20 years. Our owner spent 30 years raising his family overseas in SE Asia. His son and co-owner, Doug Gulleson, attended Jakarta International School in Indonesia before moving on to college and completing his Masters Degree in the USA. Both of our co-owners still make annual trips overseas, and several of our staff have also been involved in mission trips overseas. Unlike most insurance brokers, we have direct experience overseas, so we are able to sympathize with your situation.

Good Neighbor Insurance has been repeatedly recognized as a number one broker for the volume of sales produced by many of our carriers. This means better service and attention to you as our client. We answer our phones directly and work cooperatively rather than on commission in order to help you make the best decisions regarding your particular missionary health insurance plan. Our commissions are paid by the carriers, not by you, from the internal profits they would have paid their internal salespeople. That way you get our helpful service and expert advice without paying a penny more! The fact that we work with multiple carriers is also beneficial to you because it allows us to find the best plan to meet you and your family’s needs.

We like to think of insurance like a pair of shoes. You can purchase the cheapest pair, but if they hurt your feet and aren’t a good fit, then they are no good to you. It’s the same with insurance. You can purchase the cheapest plan, but it might not have the coverage you need to protect you and your loved ones. A good plan is one that “fits” you best – great coverage at a great price.

We can help you find the best insurance plan at the best price. Please contact us to learn more about Good Missionary Insurance today. 

Have questions? We can help! Many of us have worked and lived overseas in one of the following areas: Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, England and more! Skype us at “good neighbor insurance” or call (866) 636-9100 or email [email protected] today!

Good Neighbor Insurance is a member in good standing of both BBB (A+) and the NAHU.


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