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Becoming a Missionary

God has called you to share the gospel message with people who haven’t yet heard it. You prayed about it and talked with your pastor and family about it, and they affirmed the call. You are on your way to becoming a missionary.

You’ve heard the most important thing to do is learn from the experience of those who have gone before you.  Seek out people you can consult with and listen carefully to what they have to say. You should also ask your pastor or another spiritual mentor to recommend a mission organization for you to evaluate. Once you have selected a mission organization, your next steps to becoming a missionary are personal preparation, training and forming a strong support team.

Personal Preparation

Start by talking with other missionaries to learn about their preparation for mission work. Giving prayer and financial support to a mission organization will expand your heart for missions. It’s important to develop healthy life habits, such as spending time with God, bringing your relationships in order and dealing with past hurts so they won’t burden you in the field. You should also make a plan to improve your financial position and eliminate your debt.

This is a good time to collect information about missions that could help you discern where God is leading you to go. You could read articles and books about cross-cultural ministry and church planting in different regions and with different people groups. You could research Internet resources and even make contact with a few missionaries in the field.


An effective training program begins with a well-designed training plan. Find a missionary mentor at the mission organization to help you create one. You could start by assessing your own strengths and weaknesses to determine which skills to enhance. The plan may include formal education at a bible school, and possibly reading missionary biographies and other books to learn about being a missionary. The plan should also help you become acquainted with the people and culture of the country you will be serving, and to begin to learn the basics of their national language.

Support Team

Having a strong support team is vital to career missionaries. Form a team of trusted prayer partners to stand by you. You must also raise enough financial support to cover your living and program expenses. It will probably require several months of visiting churches, pastors, friends and family.

Good Advice

Joshua accepted helpful advice when becoming a missionary. The advice of his pastor, missionary mentor and others have been invaluable to his ministry. Joshua was especially glad he listened to the advice of his missionary mentor and bought a good health insurance policy with evacuation coverage. When he was in Uganda, Joshua needed an evacuation service and expert health care, and his health plan came through for him.

Joshua’s mentor recommended Good Neighbor Insurance because he had used them himself. One of the reasons he likes Good Neighbor is that some of their people have lived overseas and their experience was very helpful to him. He knew that with Good Neighbor Insurance, he wasn’t just getting an insurance plan, he was getting peace of mind with a neighbor on his side at work protecting him.

Now Joshua can focus on his ministry knowing that he has a comprehensive insurance plan at an affordable price, and that he will receive excellent service. Be like Joshua and gain the assurance of having the best missionary insurance policy today.

Recommended Plans

IMG GMMI Long-Term Missionary Medical Insurance

Global health insurance coverage at great price for comparable benefits

  • Affordable insurance for single missionaries
  • Deductible on this plan is reduced by 50% for all care received outside the U.S.
  • Allows up to 6 months (per policy year) in the U.S. (great for missionaries on furlough/raising support).
  • Child wellness benefits included on all but Bronze level. Adult Wellness on Gold and above.
  • Medical Evacuation included.
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Azimuth Meridian Health Insurance for Career Missionaries

By Selecting the maternity rider at the start of the policy – Maternity benefits start right away.

  • Deductibles choices – $500; $1,000; $2,500; $5,000; and $10,000 per member per coverage period
  • Coverage area – Area 1 worldwide coverage to include the U.S. and Canada | Area 2 worldwide excluding the U.S. and Canada
  • Pre-existing condition cover – After 24 months of continuous coverage, $10,000 per year lifetime with a $50,000 maximum limit
  • Medical Evacuation – Up to $50,000 ($25,00 for ages 65 and older.)
  • With Maternity Rider, Maternity covered to a maximum of $10,000 for pre-, post-natal care, delivery and newborn care for first 31 days.
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GeoBlue Navigator Health Insurance for Overseas Missionaries

Career and expatriate health insurance plan with permanent coverage in the USA

  • Overseas missionary health insurance, NGO’s, and volunteers
  • Targeted for the more budget conscious client
  • Unlimited coverage
  • When maternity is added, it is “covered as any illness”
  • Primary office co pays, preventative care for children and adults, Mental/Nervous disorders, Repatriation of Remains, Medical Evacuation, and many more benefits.
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