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Planning Church Mission Trips

You have volunteered to lead the next mission trip for your church. You’ve read how short-term mission trips can do more harm than good to the local people and you’re determined to make sure that won't happen on this trip. There are several possible destinations to choose from in Africa, Central America and even in the United States. But you’ve decided to partner with long-term missionaries who know the language, culture and community well, and allow that to help determine the destination for this church mission trip. Whether preparing for a youth mission trip or a church-wide mission trip, planning is important. How can you make this trip successful?

Support Long-Term Missionaries 

Since your mission team will not be sufficiently trained and experienced to be of use to the local people directly, the primary objective of this trip will be to support and encourage the long-term missionaries there. Your team plans to sing, pray, teach, and read scripture with them. They may also help the long-term missionaries evaluate their efforts from a new perspective, which may lead to channeling those efforts in other directions. You also hope your team will be able to offer assistance and encouragement to a local church.

Team Benefits

In addition to encouraging long-term missionaries and local churches, mission trips can benefit the people on the team. Church mission trips have helped team members grow closer to God and fellow team members. They also help gain a better understanding of people throughout the world. Many mission trips share in more intense evangelism and discipleship activity than is experienced at home. As a result, some participants are propelled to live missionally when they return home and others have become career missionaries.

Importance of Preparation

In addition to following a proven strategy, thorough preparation is a key factor in the success of church mission trips. This includes preparing team members with proper motivation for service, creating awareness of the cultural differences and learning how to work together as a team. It also includes anticipating the unexpected, preparing for emergencies and creating contingency plans. Being prepared for medical emergencies, illnesses or possibly evacuation is a necessary part of planning the trip.

Travel Health Insurance

As Steve plans a mission trip to Honduras, his experience leading mission trips at his church helps him anticipate the unexpected. He understands the importance of each team member having a special travel health insurance policy. Steve arranges for each member to have a health plan that provides proper health care and evacuation services at a reasonable price. It was much more affordable than he thought. The plan comes from Good Neighbor Insurance because his research proved their service was superior and his experience with them confirmed it.

Why Good Neighbor Insurance

Good Neighbor Insurance offers great plans at affordable prices, delivers excellent service, and some of their staff have lived overseas. Steve wants each team member to focus on their mission trip knowing they have a comprehensive insurance plan at an affordable price, and they will receive excellent service. Even when buying online, dedicated expert insurance agents will track the policy to make sure the customer is getting exactly what they need. Be like Steve and be assured your mission team will have the best church mission trip insurance policy today.

Recommended Plans

IMG Outreach International Short-Term Mission Trip Insurance

Global health insurance coverage at great price for comparable benefits

  • Short-term missionary insurance coverage per day up to 24 months
  • Includes medical insurance, medical evacuation, return of mortal remains, political evacuation, emergency reunion, terrorism coverage, and other benefits
  • If overseas ten months, may purchase two months of home country coverage in the USA
  • Coverage renewable for up to two years. May purchase additional policy after two years.
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GeoBlue Voyager Mission Trip Insurance

The best short-term missionary insurance plan for those with pre-existing conditions or traveling to “hot spots” – for a few days up to six months.

  • Includes medical insurance, medical evacuation, return of mortal remains
  • Injuries and illnesses due to terrorism are covered to the policy limit
  • Must have U.S. domestic insurance or Medicare Part A to be covered on this travel insurance plan
  • Covers pre-existing health conditions
  • If you do not have U.S. insurance, you are eligible for the Voyager Essential which also covers injuries due to terrorism
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Atlas International Short-Term Missionary Travel Insurance

International travel health insurance coverage per day up to 12 months and RENEWABLE

  • Includes medical cover, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, emergency reunion
  • This international travel insurance policy is for vacations, mission trips, cruises, overseas
  • Available for up to one year and then may re-apply
  • No Home Country Coverage
  • Owned by Tokio Marine and reinsurer is Lloyd’s of London
  • Includes AD&D, Personal Liability and Crisis management (Upgradable)
  • For under age 70, coverage for sudden and unexpected onset of pre-existing conditions, is to the policy limit selected (chronic conditions, such as diabetes, not covered)
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